Alternative Investment Strategies

Mendelssohn White has been among the market leaders in introducing alternative investment strategies, including hedged equity strategies, real estate, distressed investing and commodities. Today, we manage a broad range of commingled investment programs and separate accounts for nonprofit institutions, corporate and public pension plans and other select investors and wealthy individuals.

  • Hedge funds— Mendelssohn White manages a full suite of hedge fund-of-funds programs and separate account solutions in a full range of strategies.
  • Real assets—Commodities, along with real estate and natural resources programs are designed to provide an important inflation hedge and diversifier to traditional asset classes.
  • Distressed investing— Mendelssohn White has a dedicated team that pursues distressed investment strategies.

Private Capital 

Mendelssohn White is a private capital solutions provider. We invest with our partners into primarily small and mid-sized companies in growth markets and industries with a focus on technology, energy, services, and industries in transition. Since our founding, Mendelssohn Whit's mission has remained the same: to provide the best total solution for private equity, venture capital and natural resources investing. Through high quality funds and customized accounts, Mendelssohn White offers investors flexible private capital portfolios. We build investment programs by partnering with many of the world's leading private capital firms and invest in primary funds as well as secondaries and co-investments.

Our professional staff serves a number of investors including individual investors, mission-based organizations and pension plans. Our most recent programs have included partnerships in:

  • Venture capital
  • Private equity
  • Natural resources
  • Emerging markets
  • Multi-strategy

Emerging Markets


Mendelssohn White’s emerging markets program aims to give investors the opportunity to earn long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in multi-stage, high growth private equity and venture capital investment opportunities. Emerging market private investments seek to earn returns above those on publicly traded stocks over a long-term investment horizon (i.e., seven to ten years), and to further diversify the equity component of an investment portfolio.


Mendelssohn White strives to build an emerging markets program consisting of top managers diversified by stage, strategy, geography, industry and vintage year. Mendelssohn White’s emerging markets fund invests in partnerships offered by top-tier private equity and venture capital managers pursuing high domestic consumption growth potential and favorable demographic trends. Our emerging markets investment experience has taught us that a successful emerging markets program must be based on vigorous country-by-country due diligence to determine the quality of managers, exit markets, legal sophistication and financial transparency. We believe that long-term returns in emerging markets are driven primarily by four key factors: a strong growth environment, high quality private capital managers whose interests are aligned with investors, viable exit markets and the presence of a sophisticated legal and financial regulatory environment.